Thursday, November 6, 2008

Still Working on Book 1

Its been a few weeks since I unveiled my plan.  The truth is, I wanted to be done with a number of books by now.  Well, that hasn't quite happened.  The reason--I've been reading books not on the list!  I had to read two books for a class I'm taking online.  

Book 00

Book 000

These books total for a little over 500 total pages of reading.  What a bummer.  But the majority of reading for that class is over, and perhaps now I can cruise to an easy victory over my first few books.

In related news, I have been to two bookstores and have yet to purchase a book for myself!  Good job Patrick.  Stick to your goals.  It can be done. (That's what I have to say to myself as I walk away from all the books I want to buy.)


Elizabeth said...

I didn't know you were taking online classes -- for what purpose?

Patrick said...

I'm currently taking one online course. It is called Current Issues in Missions. Its a graduate course done through Crown College. I'm taking it for two reasons. 1. It was free! When I went to a New Worker's conference for the C&MA, Crown offered one free course. So I decided to take them up on that offer.
2. My missions course work is a little slim, and I wanted to bolster those hours so that the C&MA would be happier with my course work. Since I graduated from CIU, I have added 6 hours. I'm looking a little better on paper everyday.

Rob said...

I think now I can leave comments. This is a test.

Rob said...

Any worthwhile nuggets from either of the two books you read for the missions class? Rating from 1-5?