Sunday, November 23, 2008

Confessions of a Book Addict

This past week, Susan (my wife) and I went to a conference in Providence, Rhode Island.  The conference was for the Evangelical Theological Society.  Susan and I had a great time.  The idea is that evangelical scholars come together and present papers.  I know, it sounds boring.  Sometimes a presenter is boring.  But for the most part, Susan and I were truly stimulated in our thinking by some of the papers.  We went to sessions about creation, universal ethics, New Testament textual criticism, religious epistemology, and christian involvement in politics--to name a few of the nearly 25 papers we attended.

But here's the confession.  At these conferences, academic booksellers bring their publishing libraries and sell them to conference attendees for 50% off.  The reason--if you can get a professor to read your book, he's likely to get his class to read your book.
Oh the books!!  There were THOUSANDS of them.  And I wanted them all.  Every last one of them.  BUT, I refrained.  Recalling my self-proclaimed fast from book purchasing.

However, I could not hold out completely.  I caved.  I purchased 6 books in total.  5 of which I purchased because they looked like good resources for my youth ministry (which they are).  1 of which I purchased because my District Superintendent suggested that I read it (and is being read by many of the pastors in my district).  I believe it may also give thoughts about the direction for our church.  I think these books are all acceptable according to my own guidelines for why a new book would be purchased or added to my list of books to read.  

So what were these books you ask?  Well, since you asked:

I also told Susan which books Santa might be able to work into my stocking this year =)  I had a nice little list for her to work from too.

Next year (if we get to go again), I'll make sure I'm done with my list so that I can go crazy with the 50% off.  Its the deal that gets me.  50%!! I can get twice as many books for the same price!  Expensive commentaries become affordable.  Think about it, a $50 commentary can become a mere $25 commentary.  That is a HUGE difference.  Actually, commentaries and reference works would be excluded from my self-proclaimed book purchasing ban because of their practical application in my ministry.

Working on my next 2 books already.  Reviews coming within the week I hope. Susan and I also started listening to a book on CD that we have in the house.  We only got through a little of the CD, and I liked the book, so I might add it to the list when I hit 25. 
A non-repentant book addict...

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