Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Year in Review

I can barely believe that a year ago I began The Patrick Challenge. It started as a plan to work through all those books that have been piling up in my house for years. And now, I only have a handful left. Optimistically, I hope to be done by New Year's. Realistically, maybe February or March. I have 10 books left to go! I just finished the Silmarillion and will post a review of it soon.

Just for fun, I've been compiling statistics of my reading habits. These statistics are for all the books I read this year (which have all been reviewed on this blog), not just the original Patrick Challenge books. Enjoy!

Total Books Read: 66

Books Read Daily (Average): 0.18

Books Read Monthly (Average): 5.5

Total Pages Read: 21,983

Pages Read Daily (Average): 60

Pages Read Monthly (Average): 1,832

Average Stars: 3.9

Average Book Length: 333 pages

Longest Book: A Game of Thrones at 837 pages.

Shortest Book: Knuffle Bunny at 40 pages.

Least Favorite Book Read: The Fourth Hand by John Irving

Favorite Book Read: The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Fun Facts according to Cha-Cha:  

Americans read an average of 11 books a year, while the average Briton gets through eight books. (Crushed those averages this year!)

It takes the average person 7 days to read a 500 page book, but some can do it in 3 days! (Susan can do it in one day, if you leave her alone. Actually Susan tends to only read books in one sitting. I keep telling her she's going to have to change that habit. She doesn't listen.)

Thanks for reading and for celebrating one year of the Patrick Challenge with me! How are your reading lists doing?


Rob said...

A la bio,
A la bao,
A la bim bom ba,
Patrick, Patrick
Rah, Rah rah
Fun to see the statistics. It would be fun to see a breakdown of type of book also. BTW, for several years I have recorded titles of books I read. I tend to read about 18 a year. I am a slow reader, nothing as voracious as Susan and you, although it is probably my favorite passtime.

Patrick said...

Rob, my most faithful reader. If you were the only person in the world who read my blog, I'd still write it just for you!
What kind of breakdown for type of book would you like to see? I can probably manage it. I love messing with my numbers.
BTW--My mom used to write down books she read in a year in a little journal. I started one when I was younger, but gave it up. Although, I'm seeing the benefits of it once again. For my dad, it was an easy way to find out if mom had read a book by a particular author, so he could give it as a present. Maybe I should record Susan's books for her, so when my memory fades, I'll still know what to get her!