Sunday, April 26, 2009

25 Books Done...

I am amazed that I have finished 25 of the books on this list within about 6 months of starting. I thought, for whatever reason, that I could get through almost the whole list in 6 months. I don't know why, that was obviously a stretch for my skills. Susan probably could have done it. But now I'm impressed at how far I have gotten. But my new goal is to finish all of the books within a year of starting. I think I can do it if I pick up the pace just slightly (although some of the books at the end of the list are ridiculously long).

Anyways, I have allowed myself to buy a few books to celebrate. That clause was in the rules, at 25 books I could get a handful of new ones and add them along the way. So I have about 7 books that I'll be adding to the list, but I won't number them with the original list.

The Patrick Challenge by the numbers so far....

Original List:
25 books finished from my list.
1 book by audio.
8474 pages read.
3.58 average stars.

Additional Books:
9 other books finished.
1728 pages read.
4.39 average stars.

34 books.
10202 pages.
3.98 average stars.


Rob said...

I am absolutely staggered by the amount of reading you do. I feel like a reading midget compared to you. :)

Elizabeth said...

ha! That was a funny comment, dad. Well, Patch, somehow I missed about 13 updates from your blog. Congrats on getting so far on your list! With summer here, I'm revving up my reading engines, and using the library "hold" system to great avail. I just walk in, pick up the books they've already sequestered for me, and walk out. Perfect for a mommy of 2 who doesn't have time to browse & who HATES HATES HATES the local library anyway because they have such a shoddy collection that if I were simply to browse, I would have a teensy tinsy chance of finding a gem or even something I went intentionally to look for.